2002 04 25

It’s beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. Today I planted some veggie seeds and hope they sprout. Our strawberries have flowers so we are looking forward to strawberries soon.

This last week I distributed #100 mask and am now making to get to 200. Yesterday I received a video from CO comparing the mask style I’m making compared to 2 other masks. It is on the About The Masks Page and you are welcome to watch it. It’s encouraging but I still caution everyone, it doesn’t give you super powers to be reckless.

These are difficult times and we are all asked to sacrifice. I remember my parent’s generation suffering through a decade of the Great Depression then WWII and all the rationing and loses of lives they suffered throughout those years and think to myself that we American’s have this in our DNA to handle these sacrifices and to help each other through. Let’s stay connected, keep jokes flowing, make a phone call to those who live alone and donate what you can to those less fortunate.

2020 04 19

It’s a pretty day here. I am grateful for my loving husband who in addition to doing shipping of the masks to places all over the US is also doing the website, keeping us in food and most of the cooking. I am grateful for family and friends who check in on me via text, e-mail and calls. It feels great to have the tools and ability to do the masks and contribute to helping keep people safe but like everyone this is a difficult time. I’m a big time social being, love my groups, tennis, fiber arts and miss it all so much as I’m sure you all do. Still, I can’t complain as that is a good problem to have. Mostly I’m grateful to all the people who continue to work and provide those of us in the high risk group with food and other necessities for daily life. I’m sure my next list will include some hair management devices as not getting a haircut is making me a little crazy!

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