Life is settling into a ‘new normal’. We have our protocols for how to manage and are grateful that so far at least seem to be working to keep us healthy and safe.

Each activity is questioned, will it benefit a small business enough to justify the risk to their employees and ourselves. We of course, wear masks everywhere outside our home, so hopefully, should we be one of the asymptomatic transmitters, we are not sharing that with others.

I know that most Americans better angels are showing. Each time I ask a store or restaurant to wear a mask to protect me as I engage with them, they are all more than willing to do so. I hear the concern in their voice and reassuring message that they will do everything within their power to protect me, so I can get supplies to make the masks or food to eat.

Everyone would love to have our old life back. We all want everyone to be gainfully employed and know this is incredibly difficult for so many people right now. Let’s all show as much love and compassion towards one another as possible. It’s so powerful and together we can get through this and find solutions. United we will prevail! Divided we will fall. Let’s be the “UNITED” STATES OF AMERICA!

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