I didn’t know what to title this so decided on Joy. Everyday I try to find some but it isn’t easy as everyone knows. So, to put a little out there, here is what joy I have found lately:

  • We got birds in our birdhouse for the first year since hanging this 2 summers ago. It’s fun watching how hard the parents work to feed these baby birds. It will be so amazing if we happen to see them fly the coop.
  • We put our landscaping in the summer of 2018 after building this home. We planted 3 Rhododendron buses, 2 of which flowered last summer but the 3rd didn’t flower until this summer. It was great to see it after waiting all this time and we had forgotten what we selected but it is beautiful (as all Rhodies are) and worth the wait.
  • Hobbies. I find joy in my hobbies and am so grateful that fiber stores are helping me out with supplies as needed. I ordered some new yarn for my next weaving project and asked the seller over the phone if two different yarns would look good together and she thought so. I was never an on-line fan and loved to shop in person to feel and see the purchases, so this is difficult, but I’m learning to trust in my fellow citizens to select for me, and being rewarded for it.
  • Still being able to learn new things and more about myself. I’m learning that I’m more resilient and less resilient than I thought before. It’s both.

Today a friend and I met in a park with masks on and at least 6 feet apart and caught up with each other. It was wonderful. I believe it was safe and hope we can continue to do so safely. I don’t know how things will be in the winter but maybe by then we’ll have more access to testing of the general public. I realize that we all need our social outlets for our sanity and I’m grateful for friends who understand my exceptional level of caution and are willing still to be there for me.

The mask making continues but people seem to be covered (literally and figuratively) for now. It’s fine, I have some art ideas to start and want to enjoy the outside as well. I don’t need to be making a large quantity of masks to have purpose now but am grateful that I had that early on.

I hope this finds you all well, safe, secure and managing emotionally.

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