I woke up to NPR’s coverage of the hearing of the Dobbs case and found myself getting more and more angry at the ridiculous questions of the various justices of SCOTUS. I could tell that day that they would overrule Roe v Wade and started to think about what I could do to convey my feelings about this momentous case. I only showed the 6 justices that voted to overrule Roe and a case could be made to leave John Roberts out but I included him as head of the court, he might have done a better job to prevent this from happening.

This is a close up of a section of the piece. It is painted cotton and painted silk with hand and machine stitch. The faces are silk fused to lightweight interfacing then colored with Ink Tense pencils creating that newsprint appearance that I thought would be appropriate for court cases. Ghost like as well as they will haunt us for years.

In addition to the faces, there are words quilted into the piece and the date of the case. The color red was used as virtually the only ‘color’ in this dark piece to convey the betrayal of American women.

The building was purposely tilted to the right as if undergoing an earthquake, resulting in cracks throughout.

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